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MatryTech’s Text-to-speech services powered by machine learning can aid in the discovery of previously unknown aspects of speech-enabled goods.

We provide customizable and controllable speech output that also supports lexicons and tags provided in Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). We are using industry-standard file formats like MP3 and OGG, speech can be stored and redistributed. We are happy to provide users with conversational experiences and lifelike voices in a timely manner while ensuring consistently swift reaction times.

Text-to-speech conversion services by MatryTech

MatryTech is a provider of text-to-speech services, and as such, it offers natural text-to-speech voices that enhance the quality of real-world speech. Our products are designed to convert audio with male and female voices into text that can be read, thereby increasing the value of the client's business. The fact that MatryTech offers text-to-speech APIs out-of-the-box sets us distinct from our competitors. These APIs allow you to select the appropriate voice from the many languages we maintain in our database.

MatryTech offers AI-enabled Azure text to voice and Amazon Text to speech services, both of which help our customers attain a market advantage. This enables us to provide our consumers with a smooth text-to-speech experience.

MatryTech's text-to-speech services allow clients to synthesise asynchronous files of larger duration in an efficient manner. With the aid of our deep neural networks, our engineers are able to escape the limits that ordinary voice synthesis puts on them in terms of spoken language stress and intonation. This guarantees that the product is developed in compliance with the client's specifications.

At MatryTech, the client's perspective and requirements are of the utmost importance. Our text-to-speech solutions are designed to operate with any product, independent of the principal programming language it employs, including.NET, PHP, Ruby, AWS SDK, C+, and many others.

Where are these services accessible to you?

Voicebots in call centres for client service

Voicebots that generate speech on the fly, as opposed to playing prerecorded audio, provide a vastly greater user experience while offering phone-based customer service. Engage callers with high-quality synthesised sounds that provide a sense of familiarity and make them feel as though they are receiving a customised experience.

Voice generation in devices

Make it feasible for your customers to have genuine conversations with you by equipping their devices with the capacity to read text aloud in a human-sounding voice. Construct an end-to-end voice user interface using Speech-to-Text and Natural Language to enhance the user experience through easy and engaging interactions.

Accessible EPGs (Electronic Program Guides)

Facilitate your customers' use of your items by having EPGs read aloud text. This will help you conform your services and apps to accessibility requirements. Text-to-speech capabilities may be readily included into EPGs, which will not only improve the user experience for your customers but also help you meet accessibility requirements for your services and applications.

Benefits of Text-to-Speech services by MatryTech

Increase the number of individuals with access to your content.

TTS makes your material available to a broader audience, including those who have difficulty reading, those with learning disabilities, those with limited eyesight, and language learners. In addition, it provides the door for those who want less complicated techniques to get digital information.


Both high-quality TTS voices and unique bespoke voices are incredibly effective means of boosting your exposure in the voice user interface. Consider employing one of these tactics if providing exceptional customer service is one of the most critical components of your company's goal. TTS makes it possible to enhance the consumer experience across several touchpoints, thereby fostering brand loyalty and differentiating your firm from its competitors.


Integrators and developers working in a range of industries and verticals (such as telecoms, utilities, manufacturing, OEM, finance, etc.) stand to gain from the incorporation of voice output into the services and solutions they build. Text-to-speech enables a more comprehensive and consumer-focused end-user experience, which reduces costs, boosts automation, and offers customised customer interactions.

Voice that is absolutely distinct

Instead of using a voice that is shared with other firms, you should develop a voice that is unique to your brand and utilise it throughout all of your customer touchpoints.

Why Would You Choose Us?

Enhance the user experience

Converting textual content to audio can facilitate comprehension for all of your audience members.

Boost contact resolution

Assist in resolving customer issues more efficiently by providing pertinent information in the customer's native tongue.

Protect your data

Take solace in the knowledge that MatryTech has some of the strongest data governance practises in the world.

It can be used anywhere.

Include worldwide language support and deploy locally or on any cloud platform.

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