Providing Industry-Specific Business Intelligence Services

Business intelligence (BI) services facilitate the entire organization's ability to make decisions based on arranged data. MatryTech, an experienced provider of business intelligence solutions, combines data from different sources and using analytics techniques to automatically extract insights from input data.

Our team will initiate the project by collecting requirements from many business departments, determining the exact project methodology, solutions, and Business Intelligence technologies that will be the best fit for your organisation, and then beginning actual project work.

Following a collaborative session, we will detail how we can assist you in resolving existing difficulties and enhancing your organization's performance by using Business Intelligence tools and analytics technology. This will be done to meet your requirements.

Business intelligence services by MatryTech

Our dedication does not draw a line in the sand at the installation of BI solutions.

MatryTech’s Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS) now provides support and maintenance of business intelligence systems as an integral part of the offering. This has been the case ever since we realised that our clients do not want their own costly internal resources tied to the support initiatives they are doing.

We are aware of the hurdles you have with database management, ETL, report and dashboard support, and we do not intend for these obstacles to impede your progress. You will now be able to free your senior IT staff of the burden of day-to-day maintenance worries while still reaping the desired benefits as a result of our business intelligence service offerings.

Our Business Intelligence Services

Consulting Services for BI

Our business intelligence (BI) consulting services aid businesses in identifying blind spots and unrealized possibilities by providing compelling insights drawn from a vast array of data visualisation techniques. We delegate a diversified team consisting of BI technology specialists and business analysts to give the finest quality business intelligence consulting services available. This technique permits the holistic resolution of a number of business difficulties while also providing outstanding results.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Our enterprise business intelligence solutions consolidate data maintained in numerous formats by many departments and divisions of an organisation into a secure and centralised repository. This allows company users with varied skill levels to conduct data analysis. Our business intelligence tools for organisations give assistance for the full of the analytics process, from data ingestion to data visualisation.

Business Intelligence Application Installation

We offer a whole range of BI implementation services to our clients, beginning with data management and warehousing and ending with data analytics and reporting, all with the objective of maximising the return on our clients' business intelligence (BI) investments. Each of our business intelligence implementation projects has its own unique set of criteria, and the stages of the process vary in duration and difficulty based on the project's size and scope.

BI Support & Maintenance

Our highly qualified BI technology specialists are able to maintain and enhance an organization's already installed business intelligence (BI) solutions, such as analytics, reporting, ETL, database design and administration, and more. We offer a comprehensive support solution that is tailored to the business requirements of an organisation, which delivers results such as a low incidence of incidents and a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, we support a vast array of BI systems and databases.

Benefits of BI Solutions from MatryTech

Boost the productivity of the company.

We are one of the business intelligence solution providers that assist companies across a broad spectrum of industries in enhancing their operational efficiency by utilising the most recent BI tools and technology or by upgrading their existing systems. While processing a large quantity of diverse data types, you can discover better ways to enhance customer experience and retention, marketing, and operations. The business intelligence (BI) and reporting systems collect valuable information on user behaviour patterns, employee internal communication, and other data.

Improve risk management

Business intelligence solutions enable companies to more effectively monitor compliance with risk regulations and make data-driven decisions. Monitoring possibly fraudulent user behaviour and searching for suspicious patterns are two examples of how business intelligence tools may be utilised during fraud audits. We are one of the organisations that offer business intelligence services and develop predictive analytics solutions. These technologies enable us to generate precise estimates of market demand and trends, so reducing a number of risks.

Control data quality

As providers of business intelligence services, we assist companies in organising the data they acquire in an efficient manner. Our solutions are designed to provide comprehensive insights on both financial and operational data, thereby improving decision-making, automating reporting, and decreasing the amount of time and money spent on analysis. For enhanced data aggregation and processing, we also integrate business intelligence tools into data warehouses.

Adopt custom software for business intelligence

Adopting customised business intelligence software will enhance both the efficacy of your organization's procedures and the quality of its data. We are one of the business intelligence firms that provide a variety of BI services, including data visualisation, 360-degree customer view and business systems, predictive analytics, and custom platforms, to name a few. We begin projects requiring the production of business intelligence with a comprehensive business analysis, with the objective of identifying your true challenges and finding the most suitable technological solution.

Why would you choose us?

Customer Experience Enhancement

Through the usage of business intelligence tools, businesses may be able to view data from a variety of perspectives. Business intelligence software collects data in real time and offers users with comprehensive reports and dashboards pertaining to customer service, staff, sales, and operations. This information can then be analysed, appraised, and utilised in decision-making processes.

Insights That Can Be Implemented

The business intelligence tools collect data from a range of sources and monitor key performance indicators to create a holistic view of your organisation. With the support of robust analytics and self-service business intelligence, non-technical users can engage with data and receive actionable insights, allowing them to make educated decisions quickly and securely.

Data-Driven Culture

The significance of a company's data collection cannot be overstated. BI leads to the establishment of a data-driven culture within an organisation, one that is based on metrics and measures that are specific to the business and enables faster, more accurate, and more logical decision-making. With the assistance of business intelligence analytics, businesses are able to make decisions based on empirical evidence and current events.

Improved Decision-Making Capacity

The facts is significantly easier to comprehend and comprehend when displayed visually. Due to the reporting features of business intelligence, companies can view all main performance indicators on a single page. BI systems give quick, accurate data with current, historical, and predictive perspectives, enabling users to make smarter, quicker, and more timely decisions.

Increased Efficiency Across All Operations

When businesses employ good data visualisation tools, they are able to identify trends, opportunities, and risks, as well as wasteful procedures and departments that are not performing to their full potential. As a result, organisations will be better able to optimise their resource utilisation and create new growth-accelerating programmes.

Competitive Advantage

One of the competitive advantages afforded by data is the capacity to track business performance, gain a comprehensive view of the situation, and construct a strategic road map based on all available data. Utilizing business intelligence makes it easier for businesses to keep up with the newest industry trends, enhance the client experience, and experience growth.

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